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Online Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


What are the 5 elements of coaching and how can they help me? 


1. Focus

With a strong goal in mind you can achieve anything!

Do you often picture how you want to look and feel? What your life could look like?

Whether you know what you want or can't yet visualise all the possibilities, having strong enough goals will drive you to change.

From the very first meeting with Paul, you will fire up your imagination, have honed your goals and really feel empowered to do this!

Focus is a cornerstone of Paul's coaching and will lay the foundations for your very own secure page to remind you every step of the way why you are doing this! 

I want to have a stronger physical presence
— Sam
I’m going to be fit enough to keep up with my children 
— Ronnie
To look and feel good in my clothes
— Dean

2. Accountability

Through your very own private personalised coaching page, Paul will keep track of your progress and be there to offer a kick if needed!

You will be able to log your exercise sessions and any tasks completed and see them come alive on your calendar to watch with satisfaction as you fill up your month with your achievements! Didn't report back? Paul will be on your case!

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Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 13.42.50.png

3. Practical nutrition

Correct fuel for your body is essential for health, energy and glowing looks. We know this! But how to make it work for you in the real world...

Paul doesn't believe in fad diets or restricted calories. As a family man, he understands real life and time restraints and also really loves food!

This is why everyone will have different food goals. Small changes go a long way and become new habits for life. 

To help you with ideas, Paul runs virtual cooking classes so you can in real time prepare and cook meals 'together' in your own kitchen! These fun online group sessions offer nutritional information, practical cooking experience and a great meal for you to eat at the end of it! 


4. Movement

So this is the business end of your coaching program! Where physical changes take place. Movement is key to your overall health and will leave you feeling more energised, more supple, stronger and importantly happier about yourself!

No matter what your level of fitness, no matter what equipment you have access to, Paul will create a visual exercise program for you to easily follow anywhere! Each video clearly demonstrates the exercise along with any necessary teaching tips to help you perform the movement safely and effectively. 

Your personal video program can be viewed on your phone, tablet or computer leaving you no room for excuses!

So whether you're training in the park, at home or in a gym, Paul is continually developing new videos to keep your workouts engaging, effective and achievable! 

5. Habits

When we think of habits, it's often the bad ones that come to mind! But what we don't often realise is that our day is made up of hundreds of habits and overall the majority are good! 

Working with Paul you will focus on building up good habits, ones that are inline with your goals and ones that suit your personality and make sense to you! Creating new pathways in the brain so they become second nature. This technique crowds out those unhelpful, so called bad habits and before you know it, your day will be made up of choices that overall leave you feeling great! 

Daily practice is key, with the emphasis on practice! No one is perfect and no one expects you to be, but with manageable changes, consistent practices and of course Pauls' accountability and guidance, you'll feel empowered that you've created a whole new set of habits that have slipped easily into your new lifestyle!


All of this for just £99 a month - contact me below for details


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